Whois Nique

8 may 2014

Welcome to my websiteThe Netherlands

I’m Nique,

CE at the Top Referent Trauma Center Assen-Drenthe
National Health care department the Netherlands
and also Trauma research center of the Dutch Top Traumatology.

I’m a middle aged woman, a wife and a mother, born in the 60’s diagnosed with a severe Complex PTSD, also known as a type-III trauma and defined as a Tertiary structural dissociation of the personality, which goes most in line with a DSM-IV classification of a Dissociative Identity Disorder.

At the time I was diagnosed the DSM still didn’t have a more appropriate category to classify such a Complex Trauma related condition. But anno 2014 – 2015 there are chances coming up. A tertiary SD gets more and more knowledge and recognition – which also means that eventually a CPTSD will get a respectfully place in the diagnostically bibles such as the DSM and ICD. 

Why this site and Google+ communities

Because there was only one-sided information available on the internet about
the dissociative identity disorder, which was also very stigmatizing and in
which I couldn’t recognize myself at all, I decided to write about it myself.
DID, a disorder which originates in surviving a very traumatic childhood.

Still the bulk of mankind thinks when hearing the term ‘ dissociative identity disorder ‘ to the a populist imaging of a multiple personality disorder. Which points out dissociation as multiple personality states with child parts, child behavior or all other behaviors which aren’t a realistic match to the own age, the own biological gender or the present time. But that is not at all the case in how I and lots of other peers experience a tertiary structural dissociation of the personality – diagnostically classified as a DID.

I, and lots of others, suffer a dissociative identity disorder yet we are nothing like the most media shows you.
That’s the reason why I want you all to get acquainted with another side of the dissociative identity disorder.

Yes, I switch between personality states. Apparently normal personality states which take care of emotion- and task-oriented everyday life. Also called ANP’s which survive without awareness of all nasty experiences and memories of the past, Memories carried by EP’s – emotional personality parts which don’t do at presentification – the don’t live in the present time.  I own handling systems, ANP Act Systems. A survival mechanism that had to protect me for all the pain which represent for me a print of

‘ hell on Earth ‘ 
My childhood

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