The schema’s of my way of thinking
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The biggest misunderstanding within talking about DID comes with the ANP parts

Some call them a hosts, some call them alters, some call them my other personality’s and some call them all ANP’s. To me-us that is pretty confusing. So we had a very long talk about the ANP’s with our clinical teacher and therapist. Sometimes I’m asking his head of he says, but each time he has the patience to work through my questions in order to make understandable for me how and why I created parts to function, why they are there, what there function is in the whole system and why they refuse or didn’t learn how to work together.

The Neuro typical clinical nerd and a traumatized autistic (Asperger) woman can bring some pretty hilarious situations, but also creative findings in way’s to understand each other. I started to make visible to my therapist the schema’s which I created in my head and which are very helpful to understand things. This made also possible that my therapist could guide me to a therapeutically process.
You could think ‘wow that is a bunch of work’ but to me it isn’t.
It’s how I think, picturing things in my brain, it’s how I function and understand the outside world.

A clinical glimpse into my own DID personality

my own three ANP/EP daily life emotion & tasks handling systems




the 3 DID houses


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